This is the first day of the rest of my life and I'm marking one item off my "bucket list." I love telling stories, yarns, etc. and for the past 25 years have written weekly articles for the DeKalb Newspapers and now I get to try blogging. It has been said of me that I write about old days and old ways, along with modern tales of our adventures here on The Windy Knoll, our home place. Drop in just any time to see what's going on. Now let me say up front I'm no Julia Childs or Paula Dean - not even a distant relative - but I will be writing about cooking now and then. As best I can remember the only thing considered fast food in this house is a cake mix. I cook from scratch like the old timers used to do. I'll be posting old and new articles and in most cases the published date will be to the right of the title. That way you can read along (with a few pictures) and see what the aging process has done.

Summer’s Heat Calls for Ice Cream

Writer: Donna Crumly Harvey

I almost had this penned and misplaced it.  I hope that even now as it begins to feel like fall you will be able to enjoy this.

Everyone is experiencing very high heat this summer and it seems to me that is has been really prolonged.  My heritage is such that a freezer of ice cream was frequently churned and the Crumly family would only use the hand turned type of freezer.  So many good times have been had around the ice cream churn.  The last one that Mother and Daddy had was a white mountain brand and it did turn out a great freezer of ice cream.  Now to begin the liquid was made in the kitchen and Billie Crumly did not use a recipe that was written but she always could make a great batch of ice cream.  She would keep peaches or strawberries in bags which were unsweetened and used specifically for the ice cream.  I think daddy’s favorite was always the strawberry kind.

Around the first of July our granddaughter was to be in the National Daisy BB Shooting Championship which was held in Rogers, Arkansas.  I would never have thought of going to Rogers for a vacation but we decided that we would make the trip with her and Emmalie was extremely excited that we were going with her.  IMG950014-001We decided that it would be easier on us to fly to Springfield, Missouri, and pick up a rental car and drive just a couple of hours to Rogers, AR.  Little did I know this trip would cause my poor little mind to dwell on something new to me, a frozen custard.  We were told by our son-in-law that one of his acquaintances had told him, while we were in Rogers that we just had to stop at “Andy’s Frozen Custard” and that we did after a couple of days.  Oops!  IMG950011-001Now the memories of Andy’s linger in my taste buds and in my mind.  I have searched the internet for “Andy’s” close to us here in the Atlanta area but to no avail.  The closest will be Nashville but it is only opening in spring of 2016.   I have checked the internet for frozen custard recipes and I have even made one of them with real vanilla bean.  First of all I could not find it in the grocery store and went about asking for location and was taken multiple spots when it was finally located in the spice section and there were two of the long dry beans in the jar and would you believe they cost $8.50.  Billie Crumly would have had a spell but she too would have probably purchased it.  Don’t you remember her saying that they likes expensive foods?  IMG950013-001The custard was cook and I know she did not want to fool with cooked making for ice cream.  It also had five egg yolks, half and half, and whipping cream.  Rich was not the word for it.  Seemed to take a long time to freeze and it was good but we all said that it just was not Andy’s Frozen Custard.  I did have some left and put it in the freezer and it, to me, tasted better when it was frozen harder.  Maybe I just like really frozen ice cream best.

IMG950010-001Anyway, I must say that we loved the Andy’s Frozen Custard.  It was an outside stand and there were benches lining the concrete where customers would walk up to the window and order.  They had something that they call “Concrete’s” and my favorite was the butter pecan concrete.  I chose the small and it was plenty.   Cup seemed to be the size of a nice drinking cup.  IMG950012-001Somehow the butter pecan had a soft butterscotch and then there were added unfrozen pecan halves in the cream.  Wow!  I have wished numerous times that I could run to Andy’s.  Even if there were one in Chattanooga, I think we would make a trip there to get a Frozen Custard.  Ice Cream, Custard and wishes for more are all just part of my City-fied Country Living.


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Blue Moon in July

Writer: Donna Crumly Harvey

I know I have been quiet for a while but there have just been too many things going on for me to write and many of them would have seemed like airing dirty laundry and I just did not want to do that.  Mother only wanted clean clothes hung on the line to dry so I just sat back and have had a few articles in my bird brain.

But I just could not let this 2015, July, Blue Moon go.  Last night I had gotten up to close the shutter and what was beginning to peak over the pine tree tops into a clearing in the sky but that beautiful Blue Moon.  Oh, now I have you thinking about the color of the moon for sure.  And you may be old enough to hear Elvis singing that magical song with his mesmerizing voice.  That is just OK, just hum to yourself and others won’t even notice.  Now if you are a little less inhibited and simply sing it out loud, you will almost guaranteed of some comments, unless you are alone and then just go for it.  So I will not make you rush out to “Google” Blue Moon as Billie Crumly always wanted to know how it (the internet) knows so much.

The statement “once in a blue moon” is an age old saying and I am sure you have heard it but why did it come about.  All years have a full moon every month which means normally there are 12 full moons in one year but this year we are experiencing 13 full moons.  It is the second full moon that occurs in a month that is called a “blue moon”.   I learned from the internet, of course, that a truly blue colored moon can occur on rare occasions, according to NASA, and it is mostly seen after there is a volcanic eruption.  It further tells me that the moon on Friday, today, July 31, 2015 could be red.  This was news to me but I have very interested in “Blood Moons” since reading John Hagee’s book “Four Blood Moons.”   Anyway, it tell me that Blue moons are very rarely blue.  It simply says that most of them of pale gray and white, resembling a moon on any other night.  Now doesn’t that just make you feel better.  Anyway the reason for me writing about this is because the moon which I saw last night was simply spectacular.  Here is a picture which I took with my little, older, iphone camera and you know that pictures do not come close to the real experience.  IMG950906

The note that I found said to step outside at sunset on July 31 to check out the blue moon, and then if you feel inclined, go ahead and celebrate by doing something you only do “once in a blue moon.”  Now you have an excuse, after all.  This is one more facet of living, be it Country Living or otherwise.

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My Life On The Farm, Inside and Out.

Different flowers picked out of the back yard early this summer.

Different flowers picked out of the back yard early this summer.

(NOTE: Remember to click on each “pitcher” to enlarge.)

Well July is almost over. Seems like it only started last week. I know for me, when the weather turn really hot I had to stay in. This “feels like” temp is just not easy to breath in. As I am sure it is hard for some of you reading this.

Again my mind is just blank as to what I could say to post to  this blog  with interesting words. So again I will share just a few of my new pictures I have taken.

A friend is holding Miss Shucker. I take her just about every where I go.

A friend is holding Miss Shucker. I take her just about every where I go.


Miss Shuckers beautiful color.

My newest pet (almost 4 months) is Miss Shucker. She is green cheek conure parrot. I bought her from a really sweet lady in Chattanooga, Tn. She was born on Good Friday so that is easy for me to remember. I named her Miss Shucker because I have a friend that plays professional baseball for the minor league team the, Biloxi Shuckers.

Miss Sissy Belle keeping an eye on Miss Shucker. (I do not leave them alone)

Miss Sissy Belle keeping an eye on Miss Shucker. (I do not leave them alone)


Mr. Michael Reed.

Just so happened that my friend, Michael Reed, and the Biloxi Shuckers were playing in Chattanooga when I had a doctors appointment and also the set time to pick Miss Shucker up to bring  back to Alabama. Biloxi was known for being the shucker captial for many years but I just can not remember of what.


Miss Sissy Belle

I guess my favorite, and yes I know you are not suppose to have favorites, is my inside baby, Miss Sissy Belle. I had a great aunt named, Miss Belle Austin, so I guess you see I have her name in all my pets just about. No I did not know her as she died a few years before I was born.

I love feeding all the different wild birds that come to my feeders in the winter time, about 12 feeders in all. And I love when the weather turns to spring, the wild sunflower seeds start to grow.  Now all of those are gone with only pictures to hold on to remember.

Now that's the truth.

Now that’s the truth.


I will have to say tho that my favorite part of year is right now. We planted a much larger garden with the help of our sweet friend, Mrs. Ann Troxtel. She needed a bigger place to plant some of the things she needed so we let her use half old garden spot we always had while I was growing up. Mother said, “I just want a few tomatoes and that is all this year.” Well “just a “few” tomatoes turned into about 12 plants, corn, okra, squash, beans and peas. Ann has several rows for herself. So yes, our garden looks just like it did for the first 25 years of my life.


Miss Dolly Belle


It took me about 2 minutes to get into trouble when the garden was first planted. I let my “outside” dog (Miss Dolly) out and boy did she like that fresh cool plowed up dirt. If it was just dirt that would have been OK.  BUT….it was planted. Oh well, not all country dogs get there day in the sun. It’s much better now that everything has grown up. I will have to make a photo of the garden. But I don’t think I will before the post. Maybe next post.


13 week old baby cockatiel I just sold.


Well I don’t think I mentioned my other pets. I have three cockatiels. One poor widowed male. He and his ‘wife’ had a baby and she started laying eggs again to soon and had a heart attack. I was shocked. I just sold the baby.   I also have a pair of cockatiels that I hope begin bonding soon.

Changing gears (as my daddy would say) my older brother, Bobby, has cows on our 140 (+ or – ) acres and I love to just ride the pastures with him. Nothing better than finding a new calf.

Well I think that just about does it for my pets. I love them all and it keeps me going. Something to keep us up and going is always a good thing. Oh I just remembered that is what Mrs. Crumly use to say to me when I would talk about my pets in our 9:30pm phone calls. I can hear it now, “well at least it keeps you up and going.” Yes Mrs. Crumly it does. And that is just another small part of my country living. God bless you all, Russ Austin.  11234807_10155687676065403_4176498779316268680_n



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Fancy Stitches and Ribbon Embroidery…..June 26, 2013.

Needlework is as much a part of me as breathing.  Maybe it’s in my blood since I’m from a long line of needlework people.  My mother had several sisters and each one of them did some type of needlework.  For a time I owned a crazy quilt top made by my grandmother, but I had a cousin who griped and complained until I gave it to her.  One sister knitted, while another did crochet and my mother tatted.  fancy-stitches

To get on with my story, I have no project going at this time and when I sit in my chair I’m lost.  I absolutely have to come up with something to keep my hands busy.  I knit premature baby caps for a national organization; however, I get tired of doing the same thing.

Crazy quilt work is among my favorites, but getting ready for the fun part is work.  The pieces are put on a base first before the fancy stitching takes place.  I have several books about this kind of work and I can spend hours just browsing through them. One time John and I were in a Marietta, GA quilt store on his birthday and I bought a book on ribbon embroidery for his birthday. Needless to say, he was ecstatic!

In doing this work I try to include as many different kinds of work as I can — see tatting in bottom of the above picture and no crazy quilt is complete without a spider web — that’s a sign of good luck. I’ve had no training in ribbon embroidery, but it is ribbon embroideryabsolutely beautiful when done correctly, but it’s very tedious.  These clips are taken from a table runner, where I included some prize ribbons we’ve won in quilting, as well as flower shows.  I’ve made a crazy quilt for each of our girls.

Our oldest gave me a stitched saying one time that read “When I in Glory stand, a crown perhaps upon my head, but a needle in my hand.”  Its definitely a part of country living.

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Country Living At It’s Best

20150712_180446-002Geraldine is just a small town of about 700 people now I am told and we just held our annual “Picnic In The Park” this past Saturday. Lots of food, games, crafts and great music. The band, Three On A String, was the main event. They always put on a great show. I was unable to attend this year but I sure have enjoyed the last few years just hanging out with the town folk. I did drive by the park to see a large crowd just try’in to stay cool under all the pine trees. It looked to be a very large crowd. I was told by Mr. John that it was a great time by all. Glad he was able to attend. He may not remember everyone (I don’t either) but let me tell ya, they remember him.

DSCN4838-001No matter where you live, you can look up and see the same moon and stars. Maybe not always the same clouds that we do in the country but I am sure you see some that are just as beautiful.  20150715_152643-002

I just wanted to share with you today just some of my new photography. For the first time since 2007 I am a owner of a new Nikon professional camera. I did not make these photos with it but I promise that I will be filling the pages up with the new photos from the new camera very soon.  DSCN4854-002

It is amazing, or not, that a lot of the farms that sale around here seem to be bought by great people from the city.

Oh well just a fast post of my country living in July 2015.

God bless you all,

Russ Austin


NOTE: Remember to click on each “pitcher” to enlarge.  20150715_152838-00320150519_183025-004


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Still Alive and Staying In The Cool Air


One of two humming birds at Mr. John’s home.

Well a lot has happened since the last  blog post was made. I have had my ups and downs feeling good and not feeling good, as I am sure many of you can say the same thing. I want to share just a few pictures I made at The Windy Knoll yesterday while visiting with Mr. John.

For some reason we just do not have the humming birds around this year like before. We started out with one and then it was gone for weeks, then two then they were gone for weeks. We have two in my yard now and this one in the photo and one other is what is at Mr. John’s place.  DSC_0052-001

I really did not know if this blog was even going to stay active but after talking to Beth yesterday, it will stay active and we will post as much as we can. I know there are many things I could write about and post photos but I just do not feel like this needs to become “my blog.” Plus the real fact is, I am not a writer and do not know how to use (,) and other things. I get lazy and do not want to look up a word so most of the time I just use my “voice texting” on my phone and say the word and let it spell it correctly. DSC_0060-001

Update on Mr. John is he is doing very well.  Of course he is very lonely without Mrs. Crumly and who wouldn’t be. I am lonely without her to visit and have our nightly 9:30pm talks that could lasts anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. Please if you can take just a minute or two, send him a card or a brief phone call. That would make that man so very happy. Or if you live close by, please go by for a short visit.

DSC_0063-001I did have a chance to visit with Beth while she was back at The Windy Knoll yesterday and a great visit with Mr. John. I have just bought (well I guess I should say “charged”) a new professional Nikon camera. First “real” camera I have had since I walked out of my studio in February 2007. DSC_0051-002

I promise to get back to posting again and I do have some new photos I would like to share. THANK YOU all for staying with this blog  and I hope and pray God’s blessings on you all.

Russ Austin

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Hummers are Eating Furiously!

HummerI thought it has been a couple of weeks since I was encouraging all you readers to get up those Hummingbird Feeders but when I looked back it was more than six (6) weeks ago.  Can’t believe time passes by so quickly.  We have had a very strange happening about three (3) weeks back it seemed like the hummers had just stopped coming to the feeder.  Sweetie said to me that we just needed to get to the store and get some of the red hummingbird food because it seems to attract them better.  But I retorted that they had been drinking the 4 parts water to 1 part sugar that I had been making for them.  This continued for about two (2) weeks that we were only seeing one or two of the hummers at the feeder and we even poured out the old food and put in fresh thinking that was the problem.

Nest_SizeSo I started asking about the nesting behavior of the hummers and the gestation period for the eggs.  For me it was off to the trusty, Google, while sweetie got out the book he has had for so very long.  Both seemed to agree that the incubation is done only by the female and usually lasts 16-18 days, unless it is a littler cooler when it takes a little longer.  She typically lays one egg, skips a day and then lays a second with incubation starting after both eggs are laid.  Just reading about the tiny nests and the size of half an English walnut.  I have yet to find a nest but love to examine the pictures others have shared of the nests.  Hummer_Nest

Fedding_Baby_HummerI have not found where it talks about the fledging of the babies but only that they do not leave the nest until they are about the size of the adults, which is still tiny.   We then over the Memorial Day weekend have started seeing more birds. And then last night we were totally amazed that this feeder which has six (6) yellow flowers on it was completely full of hummers eating.  This was late evening and then we continued watching and would you believe those sweet little things were on that feeder until we could barely see them at dark.  All the way through dusk they had continued to feed.

Normally there will be two or three and the hummingbirds are truly territorial and seem to enjoy buzzing each other and causing those who are feeding to fly away and come back at a later time just to buzz the other.  I also noticed that sweetie had almost filled the feeder again.  I asked, “Didn’t you just fill that yesterday?”  He responded that he did but they seemed to be having trouble getting food from the feeder and he had found that it was indeed almost empty and they couldn’t get the food.  He said that once he refilled it they were back again feeding.  Feeder_3

I guess with all this additional activity and it is just the end of May that we are having an early summer.  Normally in July and August the hummingbirds are trying to gain enough weight to be able to make the long trip to their wintering territory.  Now I asked Sweetie, “Do you think that since they are eating so much earlier than normal, we will have an early winter?”  Seems that God let’s his creature know how to handle things long in advance to prepare them for the future and we just saunter along in our day to day worlds.

Nesting_hummerIt will be interesting to hear from some of you as to whether you are experiencing the same occurrences as we are with the hummingbirds.  Have the babies already hatched and they are just having to feed them lots so they can grow.  Oh dear, if the babies are still in the nests what will we do when they fledge and need to feed too.  I will have to search out the old feeder with only 4 flowers and put it somewhere else so they will have plenty to eat.  There is one lady hummer which we have named “Buzzer” because she never sits down on the rest to feed.  I like for them to conserve when they can, at least while they are eating at our feeders.  Some of these little birds are scarcely as large as my little finder and that is pretty small.   Please be sure to comment on your hummingbird behaviors this year.  I am sure you will hear more from me on this topic.  Even though I work full time, I take time when seated to watch these terrific little birds.  This is one wonderful part of Country Living in the City for us.

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Memories from Childhood

Writer: Donna Crumly Harvey.

Br'er Rabbit & Tar BabyHave you ever had something just pop into your mind and it just will not go away?  Well that is exactly what happened to me.  Now why in the world would I start thinking about “Brer Rabbit”, I just do not know but think I did.  I had heard the story many times and even as I grew out of childhood to adolescence, I am almost certain I read the story again.  So off I go to the internet to find the story of Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby.  I found one version which was written in dialect and you all know that I am from the South and Billie Crumly and my grandparents are from the rural South.  The speech that I heard as a child was that same sort of speech that Jeff Foxworthy has made a fortune using.  I must say that I really enjoyed reading the dialectic version of Brer Rabbit and could hear Billie Crumly talking just that way.  She was encouraged to use good grammar and she on her own must have made the decision for her and her family to use proper language.  I must say that this made English classes very easy for me in school because I had already been taught the proper English language and it was just the way we talked.  As we have children, how many times do we think about insisting that they use proper English to make their lives and grades better as they go through school?  Back to Brer Rabbit, I remember being in Atlanta and being shown the house where Joel Chandler Harris had lived and perhaps even wrote some of his Uncle Remus tales.  It was also interesting on the internet to discover that the same tale which is actually a folk tale, crosses many cultural barriers.  The same tale but with little changes in the rabbit being something else but the same theme to the story.  Then of course, I had to think about “Oh, please, just don’t throw me in that briar patch!”  Sweetie and I often tease with some of the old verbiage from our youth.

Little Black SamboThen I think about other books that I always enjoyed and loved.  One which is not available today is “Little Black Sambo.”  I just loved to see the curled toe shoes and the unusual clothes which were depicted on the boy.  And then to think that he was smart enough to out-smart that tiger and finally caused him to become syrup and ate it on his pancakes.  I just do not remember even seeing color but saw people, which is the way we should live today.  It is the people that we come in contact with that really matter and not the color.

Pokey Little PuppyThen there was the “Pokey Little Puppy.”  These were Golden Books and I believe at the time they were about $.25 each.  What can we get for a quarter today?  Not much for sure.  The cover of the book was interesting to me and shows how curious the little puppy was and if you have had a puppy, you too know that there is a natural curiosity there.  But even little children have to be taught about things of interest.  Like a fire in a fireplace.  How do you teach “Hot?”  Well, I would always take the baby’s hand where I had control and would put the little hand toward the fire saying “Hot! Hot! Hot!” all the time pushing the little hand more toward the fire until the little one would want to pull the sweet little hand away.  I would let go and again, say “Hot!”  The child had now learned what “Hot!” was and I don’t believe any of my grandchildren were ever burned by reaching for something hot when I was around because they understood.

Little Red HenAnd how can I forget “Henny Penny?”  She just had to the king that the sky was falling.  And such fun we had reading the silly names and the even sillier antics of the animal characters. And another, was “The Little Red Hen.”  She just could not get any help from anyone with the work that needed to be done, BUT when it came time to partake of the wonderful outcome of all her hard work that she had to do by herself, then everyone was willing to help.  The morals from these stories were all very good and still apply today.  Would you believe there is one “The Little Red Hen” book for $45.00 plus shipping which is “Used – Like new?”  Not me coach, if I were to buy it I just might forget where I had put it.  So I will just stay with the memories.

Then there are the nursery rhymes that I could recite at a very young age. I wonder how many times either Mother or Grandmother had read them to me?  I had a book that was shaped like a shoe and it had a lace up the side to hold the covers closed.  “There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.  She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do; She gave them some broth without any bread; Then whipped then all soundly and put them to bed.”  Oh the many rhymes, “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary,”  “Old Mother Hubbard,” “Pat-a-Cake,” “Ring Around the Rosy,” “Little Jack Horner” and of course “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”  I suspect you too can name a few of them and I hope your memory can recall all the lines.  I am not sure that nursery rhymes are a part of today’s young people memory.  I know when my sister came along, eight years afterward that there were some because she would say to people, “A sunshiny shower, won’t last half an hour.”   And I remember her telling the neighbor across the street, “Don’t it make you mad, don’t it get your goat; when you get in the bathtub and can’t find the soap”  I guess these are some of the many old things which are going by way of the computer for CD’s and Video’s and interactive learning tools.  But these are some of my memories of Country Living.

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A New Cake – Peanut Butter Cake

I am sure others besides me like to go to meetings where there is a need to carry a covered dish.  Since I work, it is always a little difficult to put something together.  I always loved to take a Squash Casserole that had Pepperidge Farm Stuffing mix in it but that requires that I make it the night before and put it in the refrigerator and then Sweetie had to  be responsible for putting it in the oven an transporting it to the dinner.  This dinner is at the church where I had attended before Brad and I got together and lots of old friends are there and some have gone on to be with the Lord.  Anyway, I still love to go and my friends have learned to love my sweetie too.  We both just walk around and talk to people that we don’t get to see but once a month.

I have been working on a cookbook for our church’s 175th Anniversary and one of my friends had sent a recipe for a Peanut Butter Cake.  When I was proofing the recipe, I knew I just had to make this one and today I decided that the Braves were on and also Golf so this would be a fine time to bake the cake.  So I started to bake this cake:   FullSizeRender-001

Peanut Butter Cake from Nancy Dempsey

1 box yellow cake mix
1 stick butter
1 small can evaporated milk
Dash of salt
1 tsp. vanilla flavoring
¼ c. peanut butter

Prepare cake according to directions on the box.  Pour into 9 x 13 glass or metal pan.  Bake according to directions.  Cake must be cool before adding icing.

For icing, in a medium size boiler put sugar, butter, milk and salt.  Cook on medium head stirring continually until mixture comes to a rolling boil.  Cook for 2 more minutes continuing to stir mixture.  Remove boiler from stove and stir vanilla flavoring and peanut butter until mixed thoroughly. L Use an electric mixer to continue mixing icing.  Mix for 4 minutes or until icing begins to have a glassy glaze.  Pour over cake.

Well, off I go to bake the cake would you believe nowhere in this house do I have a Yellow Cake Mix.  Ok, I remember that mother has a recipe for a 1-2-3-4 Butter Cake which would be just a plain cake.  I believe that would do for the cake, so off to the internet I go and sure enough, I find a recipe for a 1-2-3-4 Butter Cake and start gathering the ingredients together.  Well, glory be, I do not have 3 cups of self-rising flour.  I will not be defeated, I know cooks of yore did not have self-rising flour so the internet knows everything and should surely know how to bake self-rising flour.  Well, of course, I found just what I was looking for and I did have plain flour and baking powder and salt.  That is all it called for and said to simply add 1 ½ teaspoons baking powder and ¼ teaspoon of salt per cup of plain flour.  Ok.  That was easy enough and I got the batter together and as I was getting my metal pan out, I thought “I think sweetie would want some of this cake!”  Of course, I rummaged around and found a small dish that I put cranberry sauce in at Christmas time and made him a little cake.  It won’t be missed at the dinner and I will feel better about giving him some sweets.  He does love the sweet stuff and he has not gained any weight back from the hospital bought last October, therefore, he can surely enjoy and use the calories.

I could not find a mixer.  I know I had two but someone else probably needed them and baked more than me during the divorce, HA!  Oh well.  I found a little Cuisinart chopper that you could put in the pot and it whirled around and stirred the icing up and I suspect what we are doing is cooling the icing so it can be useable.  I also decided to cut a few holes in the top of the cake to allow the icing to run down in the cake layer.  I at least like it better that way.  I also think I did not wait long enough for the layer to cool and perhaps did not have the icing cool enough when I decided, I was tired and wanted to get finished so, I put the icing on the cakes.  Of course, I had to let Brad lick the beater and spoon.  Do parents to day let their kids lick the spoon and beater?  If they do not ever then they are missing some good memories.  Sterile, of course it is because when I wash dishes the water is scalding hot for rinsing and the wash water is fairly hot and so many things today are dishwasher safe and I, as others, always use the sterilize setting on it.  I remember the energy crisis of 70’s when we were to conserve because things had gotten so very high.  I continued to use my dry cycle at that time because I had a family of 4 children and I did not want anyone spreading germs.  We all stayed well.  I have also had a drain out of whack and I would catch the drain water from the dishwasher in a pail and empty it and replace the drain so I could use the dishwasher.  OK, I am a city slicker but it is my kind of Almost Country Living.


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Billie & John Crumly 1945 Part of what Tom Brokaw called "The Greatest Generation"