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Mother is in My House — All Over I See Her!

I am not a decorator! I don’t have the knack, but love to have a beautiful place to hang my hat. When Mark and I purchased this house, Mother and Daddy came. I think Evelyn and Clyde Hasty also came.

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I Miss My Mother

As I sit here on the final night of my current stay with Daddy, I am missing my mother more than I have in past days.  Perhaps it is the idea that Daddy will be alone for a few days.

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Not Too Early for Christmas Projects

Guest Writer: Beth Littlejohn I know, it is only mid-May, but for those of us who like to create gifts, timing is just perfect! Several years ago Donna presented me with a homemade Christmas present. I could not use it

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A Windy Knoll Update

Things here at the home place just keep moving along and the old couple struggle to try to half way keep up. About the gardening — we have the tackiest tomato plants you’ve ever seen — they have not had

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Three Pigs Quilt

When I married in 1945 I made quilts because we had to stay warm.  Then I got away from quilting for a number of years — worked and reared two girls.  In 1972 I became interested in quilts again —

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Recent Needlework

Success and failure should be the title of this one.  The colorful picture is one of the scarf I knitted some time back and it had to have oodles of knots tied in it and Beth did that.  She enjoys

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A Crazy Quilt Pillow

When needlework is in the blood there is no cure — one just has to deal with it.  I came from a long line of women who did needlework of various kinds and I’ve indulged since I was nine years

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A Windy Knoll Report

What a beautiful day and what a change from what we’ve been having.  John and I survived the cold, snowy weather, but it wasn’t easy.  As I’ve told you before, our house is like trying to heat a barn.  We’re

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Snow-ma-geddon – Conyers, GA Style!

Today, guest blogger, Beth Littlejohn, my youngest, writes about her adventures. On Tuesday the snow began in the Covington, GA area around 11:00.  I must praise our superintendent, Samantha Fuhrey, for her wise planning and execution to provide safe transport

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Needlework Projects 1995

Tedious – according to two dictionaries I have means wearisome and/or boring.  I don’t necessarily agree.  Some of the needlework I do is ‘close’ work requiring patience and it’s challenging, to say the least, but certainly not boring. One day

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Billie & John Crumly 1945 Part of what Tom Brokaw called "The Greatest Generation"