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Remembering The Quilt Show on the Farm…November 20, 2013.

NOTE: Since we still don’t have the pictures when The Quilt Show was on the farm I am just going to pick some of the quilts I had the pleasure to make photos of. What a wonderful experience  — The

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Where is the quilt?…..“Grandmother’s Flower Garden.” (photo posted at bottom right of blog.

Spending the weekend with Daddy and sleeping in the bed with Mother’s quilt at my feet.   I think I like the back side as much as the front side.  I truly appreciate pretty stitching but you will notice from the

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About Quilts and Dreams of Musical Talent 1992

It was a month ago that we had the Quilt Show on the Farm (here at the Windy Knoll), but it’s just now that we finally have all the quilts returned to their owners. In order to get one of

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Remembering my First Bridge Partner and More 1989

It’s a good time to quilt on this bright “Hands All Around” quilt, as the day is dark and overcast.  It’s the right setting for reflecting. Just recently I lost my bridge partner, and he was a master at the game. 

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A Sweet Quilt Story

This has to be one of he sweetest quilt stories I’ve ever heard.  My quilt friend wanted to make a quilt for each of her grandchildren and she had several.  Now the oldest one was my friend, too, and he

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Let’s Get the Quilt Frames Ready 2008

Last week in this article we talked about piecing the quilt top, but space ran out before we got the border on and that’s important.  The border seems to hold it all together.  I heard one lady say she’d rather

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The Quilt Show on the Farm 1991

Note:  We hosted a number of shows here at the Windy Knoll on behalf of the then new Geraldine Public Library.  It was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever had a part in.  Of course, I loved having the quilts

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Superstitions About Quilts 1990

Today I helped work on a quilt that goes to a man in Saudi Arabia — he read about our efforts to help build a library with quilts and ordered one.  My finger is so pricked and punctured that I

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Three Pigs Quilt

When I married in 1945 I made quilts because we had to stay warm.  Then I got away from quilting for a number of years — worked and reared two girls.  In 1972 I became interested in quilts again —

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The Story of a Charm Quilt

In days gone by this quilt pattern was called Odd Fellow and the pattern used was called Double Bitted Axe.  Ladies used to carry the pattern piece in their purse and when they visited they would ask to cut a few

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Billie & John Crumly 1945 Part of what Tom Brokaw called "The Greatest Generation"