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Ah, April – My Favorite Month 2009

Wildflowers have always been a big part of my life, but the year was 1967 when I was more intimately introduced to them.  I can remember as a child the woods in front of our house was full of wild

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Gardening Woes and Thrills 2008

 It has always been the aim of this writer not to dwell on the negative, but as I sit here in front of this empty screen, today I deviate.  We no longer garden as we did a few years ago

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A Visit to Buck’s Pocket State Park 1994

Note:  Buck’s Pocket has not always been a state park and there are lots of memories of visiting that area.  It’s a gorge and simply beautiful.  It’s said that defeated politicians go to the pocket to recover.  If you haven’t

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The First Harbinger of Spring 1991

It’s cozy and warm where I sit on the sun porch – unlike what it was when I was fooled yesterday by the bright sunshine.  I thought I could get out and walk without my protective clothing, but was I

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Gardening — Just a Gamble

John’s fancy electronic rain gauge/thermometer read 15 degrees this morning.  Wow!!  That was 10 degrees below the predicted reading. We had lots of hydrangeas budding out and I can only imagine what they look like this morning.  Many of those

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Beauty in the Shade Garden

Where to begin this article escapes me.  This afternoon The One I Love Best dragged other “stuff” out of the way of the golf cart and offered me a ride.  It was as though I had died and gone to

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Problems of a Farmer 1989

The day started off as just another ordinary day with the usual happenings.  Lunch was the common, summertime meal – consisting in part of fried okra, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and “roas-sneers.”  How did roasting ears ever get to be called

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What is Goldenrod?

Remember the scrapbook I found when I cleaned out a closet?  It’s filled with all  kinds of articles printed by the Georgia Market Bulletin about wildflowers and a few other medicinal plants. I don’t think I’ve seen as much Goldenrod

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What Is Boneset?

When I cleaned out a closet last week I found boxes that I had forgotten I had and in one of them I found this scrapbook (I think I can remember the elderly lady who gave it to me — probably

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A Walk Through the Yard

Join me and let’s take a walk.  It’s 9:00 o’clock a.m. so that’s the reason for the sun and glare and on top of that I’m not a photographer.  Forgive me for not stating the botanical names of these plants

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Billie & John Crumly 1945 Part of what Tom Brokaw called "The Greatest Generation"