Fancy Stitches and Ribbon Embroidery…..June 26, 2013.

Fancy Stitches and Ribbon Embroidery…..June 26, 2013.

Needlework is as much a part of me as breathing.  Maybe it’s in my blood since I’m from a long line of needlework people.  My mother had several sisters and each one of them did some type of needlework.  For a time I owned a crazy quilt top made by my grandmother, but I had a cousin who griped and complained until I gave it to her.  One sister knitted, while another did crochet and my mother tatted.  fancy-stitches

To get on with my story, I have no project going at this time and when I sit in my chair I’m lost.  I absolutely have to come up with something to keep my hands busy.  I knit premature baby caps for a national organization; however, I get tired of doing the same thing.

Crazy quilt work is among my favorites, but getting ready for the fun part is work.  The pieces are put on a base first before the fancy stitching takes place.  I have several books about this kind of work and I can spend hours just browsing through them. One time John and I were in a Marietta, GA quilt store on his birthday and I bought a book on ribbon embroidery for his birthday. Needless to say, he was ecstatic!

In doing this work I try to include as many different kinds of work as I can — see tatting in bottom of the above picture and no crazy quilt is complete without a spider web — that’s a sign of good luck. I’ve had no training in ribbon embroidery, but it is ribbon embroideryabsolutely beautiful when done correctly, but it’s very tedious.  These clips are taken from a table runner, where I included some prize ribbons we’ve won in quilting, as well as flower shows.  I’ve made a crazy quilt for each of our girls.

Our oldest gave me a stitched saying one time that read “When I in Glory stand, a crown perhaps upon my head, but a needle in my hand.”  Its definitely a part of country living.

Russ Austin


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