Hummers are Eating Furiously!

Hummers are Eating Furiously!

HummerI thought it has been a couple of weeks since I was encouraging all you readers to get up those Hummingbird Feeders but when I looked back it was more than six (6) weeks ago.  Can’t believe time passes by so quickly.  We have had a very strange happening about three (3) weeks back it seemed like the hummers had just stopped coming to the feeder.  Sweetie said to me that we just needed to get to the store and get some of the red hummingbird food because it seems to attract them better.  But I retorted that they had been drinking the 4 parts water to 1 part sugar that I had been making for them.  This continued for about two (2) weeks that we were only seeing one or two of the hummers at the feeder and we even poured out the old food and put in fresh thinking that was the problem.

Nest_SizeSo I started asking about the nesting behavior of the hummers and the gestation period for the eggs.  For me it was off to the trusty, Google, while sweetie got out the book he has had for so very long.  Both seemed to agree that the incubation is done only by the female and usually lasts 16-18 days, unless it is a littler cooler when it takes a little longer.  She typically lays one egg, skips a day and then lays a second with incubation starting after both eggs are laid.  Just reading about the tiny nests and the size of half an English walnut.  I have yet to find a nest but love to examine the pictures others have shared of the nests.  Hummer_Nest

Fedding_Baby_HummerI have not found where it talks about the fledging of the babies but only that they do not leave the nest until they are about the size of the adults, which is still tiny.   We then over the Memorial Day weekend have started seeing more birds. And then last night we were totally amazed that this feeder which has six (6) yellow flowers on it was completely full of hummers eating.  This was late evening and then we continued watching and would you believe those sweet little things were on that feeder until we could barely see them at dark.  All the way through dusk they had continued to feed.

Normally there will be two or three and the hummingbirds are truly territorial and seem to enjoy buzzing each other and causing those who are feeding to fly away and come back at a later time just to buzz the other.  I also noticed that sweetie had almost filled the feeder again.  I asked, “Didn’t you just fill that yesterday?”  He responded that he did but they seemed to be having trouble getting food from the feeder and he had found that it was indeed almost empty and they couldn’t get the food.  He said that once he refilled it they were back again feeding.  Feeder_3

I guess with all this additional activity and it is just the end of May that we are having an early summer.  Normally in July and August the hummingbirds are trying to gain enough weight to be able to make the long trip to their wintering territory.  Now I asked Sweetie, “Do you think that since they are eating so much earlier than normal, we will have an early winter?”  Seems that God let’s his creature know how to handle things long in advance to prepare them for the future and we just saunter along in our day to day worlds.

Nesting_hummerIt will be interesting to hear from some of you as to whether you are experiencing the same occurrences as we are with the hummingbirds.  Have the babies already hatched and they are just having to feed them lots so they can grow.  Oh dear, if the babies are still in the nests what will we do when they fledge and need to feed too.  I will have to search out the old feeder with only 4 flowers and put it somewhere else so they will have plenty to eat.  There is one lady hummer which we have named “Buzzer” because she never sits down on the rest to feed.  I like for them to conserve when they can, at least while they are eating at our feeders.  Some of these little birds are scarcely as large as my little finder and that is pretty small.   Please be sure to comment on your hummingbird behaviors this year.  I am sure you will hear more from me on this topic.  Even though I work full time, I take time when seated to watch these terrific little birds.  This is one wonderful part of Country Living in the City for us.

Russ Austin



Russ Austin

All of ours have been gone until two days ago. We think we have two back now. No one in our area, Geraldine, has had any for weeks.
This is truly a odd season for the hummers this year.

Emily Porter

I put out my feeder after your first article. The level went down but I never did see any hummers. Then our friendly neighborhood raccoon wrenched the top off the feeder ( it isn’t supposed to come off) and broke it so I had to go get another. I have only seen one bird so far come to the new feeder, but I may just not be looking at the right time.

Betty Ross

My first hummers, a couple of males, arrived on March 27 and fed furiously for two weeks before at least one and perhaps two females showed up. About the first of May there began to be no hummers at the feeders (I have 6). Then last week again I began to see at least 3 females and at least 2 males. One of the females has white feathers above her eyes which I’ve never seen before.


Beautiful photos. Your encouragement worked. I was late putting out our feeders this year. As soon as they were up the hummers arrived. I was so surprised they found the feeders so quick.

Paula Robson

We have had the same experience at our feeders (Crossville area). I have two feeders and the food is going down pretty fast now although, I have seen only a couple at one time. Emily, give me a call. Paula


I’m really hoping all is well with everyone! It has been a very long time since the last post.

I lived there a few years ago, and was delighted when I discovered Mrs. Crumly’s blog…only a few months before her death.

I was so saddened when that happened, feeling as though I had lost a dear friend.

I hope that you will continue to post as often as possible.

My warmest regards to you, Mr. John, and to Russ.

Jan in Ohio

    Russ Austin

    Thank you very much Jan. Things are going well for us. Mr. John is just tracking right along. Always nice to visit him and see that he is well.
    I am also doing well.
    It is sad that this web blog just is not going to be able to keep going.
    The daughter, Beth & Donna are just to busy to keep it up.
    I just don’t feel right by me trying to keep it going. I have not been sent a blog in months as you well noticed.
    I was always excited to get a new blog to work on from one of the girls but that has stopped and I just don’t see that there will be any new post to post.
    I am not sure how long the blog is paid up to with the web master but I will asure you that any new blog post I get will be posted as soon as I can it.
    Thank you for your support of Mrs. Billie Crumly and this blog. I miss that lady more everyday.
    God bless you and I hope all is well with you also.

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