My Life On The Farm, Inside and Out.

My Life On The Farm, Inside and Out.

Different flowers picked out of the back yard early this summer.

Different flowers picked out of the back yard early this summer.

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Well July is almost over. Seems like it only started last week. I know for me, when the weather turn really hot I had to stay in. This “feels like” temp is just not easy to breath in. As I am sure it is hard for some of you reading this.

Again my mind is just blank as to what I could say to post to  this blog  with interesting words. So again I will share just a few of my new pictures I have taken.

A friend is holding Miss Shucker. I take her just about every where I go.

A friend is holding Miss Shucker. I take her just about every where I go.


Miss Shuckers beautiful color.

My newest pet (almost 4 months) is Miss Shucker. She is green cheek conure parrot. I bought her from a really sweet lady in Chattanooga, Tn. She was born on Good Friday so that is easy for me to remember. I named her Miss Shucker because I have a friend that plays professional baseball for the minor league team the, Biloxi Shuckers.

Miss Sissy Belle keeping an eye on Miss Shucker. (I do not leave them alone)

Miss Sissy Belle keeping an eye on Miss Shucker. (I do not leave them alone)


Mr. Michael Reed.

Just so happened that my friend, Michael Reed, and the Biloxi Shuckers were playing in Chattanooga when I had a doctors appointment and also the set time to pick Miss Shucker up to bring  back to Alabama. Biloxi was known for being the shucker captial for many years but I just can not remember of what.


Miss Sissy Belle

I guess my favorite, and yes I know you are not suppose to have favorites, is my inside baby, Miss Sissy Belle. I had a great aunt named, Miss Belle Austin, so I guess you see I have her name in all my pets just about. No I did not know her as she died a few years before I was born.

I love feeding all the different wild birds that come to my feeders in the winter time, about 12 feeders in all. And I love when the weather turns to spring, the wild sunflower seeds start to grow.  Now all of those are gone with only pictures to hold on to remember.

Now that's the truth.

Now that’s the truth.


I will have to say tho that my favorite part of year is right now. We planted a much larger garden with the help of our sweet friend, Mrs. Ann Troxtel. She needed a bigger place to plant some of the things she needed so we let her use half old garden spot we always had while I was growing up. Mother said, “I just want a few tomatoes and that is all this year.” Well “just a “few” tomatoes turned into about 12 plants, corn, okra, squash, beans and peas. Ann has several rows for herself. So yes, our garden looks just like it did for the first 25 years of my life.


Miss Dolly Belle


It took me about 2 minutes to get into trouble when the garden was first planted. I let my “outside” dog (Miss Dolly) out and boy did she like that fresh cool plowed up dirt. If it was just dirt that would have been OK.  BUT….it was planted. Oh well, not all country dogs get there day in the sun. It’s much better now that everything has grown up. I will have to make a photo of the garden. But I don’t think I will before the post. Maybe next post.


13 week old baby cockatiel I just sold.


Well I don’t think I mentioned my other pets. I have three cockatiels. One poor widowed male. He and his ‘wife’ had a baby and she started laying eggs again to soon and had a heart attack. I was shocked. I just sold the baby.   I also have a pair of cockatiels that I hope begin bonding soon.

Changing gears (as my daddy would say) my older brother, Bobby, has cows on our 140 (+ or – ) acres and I love to just ride the pastures with him. Nothing better than finding a new calf.

Well I think that just about does it for my pets. I love them all and it keeps me going. Something to keep us up and going is always a good thing. Oh I just remembered that is what Mrs. Crumly use to say to me when I would talk about my pets in our 9:30pm phone calls. I can hear it now, “well at least it keeps you up and going.” Yes Mrs. Crumly it does. And that is just another small part of my country living. God bless you all, Russ Austin.  11234807_10155687676065403_4176498779316268680_n



Russ Austin



Russ Austin

YES! Oyster shuckers.
Thank you Ms Jean.

Emily Porter

Enjoyed this very much, Russ.

Paula Robson

I love my pets too. Horses are one of my favorites but as time has gone by, now only have a dog and a cat. At one time, I had 4 horses and a pony for the grandchildren. First one was my daughter’s horse that her grandfather got for her when she was 16. When we moved here, that horse was about 25 years old and developed cancer and died (Dr. Martin was such a blessing during that time). Other horses were obtained along the line but all have died. A friend
volunteered to keep the last one (my oldest granddaughter’s who now lives in San Diego, Ca,) when I got physically unable to give her the care she needs. As often as I can, I go visit. Know she is happier as she has a little pony buddy there and taken really good care of.

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