Still Alive and Staying In The Cool Air

Still Alive and Staying In The Cool Air


One of two humming birds at Mr. John’s home.

Well a lot has happened since the last  blog post was made. I have had my ups and downs feeling good and not feeling good, as I am sure many of you can say the same thing. I want to share just a few pictures I made at The Windy Knoll yesterday while visiting with Mr. John.

For some reason we just do not have the humming birds around this year like before. We started out with one and then it was gone for weeks, then two then they were gone for weeks. We have two in my yard now and this one in the photo and one other is what is at Mr. John’s place.  DSC_0052-001

I really did not know if this blog was even going to stay active but after talking to Beth yesterday, it will stay active and we will post as much as we can. I know there are many things I could write about and post photos but I just do not feel like this needs to become “my blog.” Plus the real fact is, I am not a writer and do not know how to use (,) and other things. I get lazy and do not want to look up a word so most of the time I just use my “voice texting” on my phone and say the word and let it spell it correctly. DSC_0060-001

Update on Mr. John is he is doing very well.  Of course he is very lonely without Mrs. Crumly and who wouldn’t be. I am lonely without her to visit and have our nightly 9:30pm talks that could lasts anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. Please if you can take just a minute or two, send him a card or a brief phone call. That would make that man so very happy. Or if you live close by, please go by for a short visit.

DSC_0063-001I did have a chance to visit with Beth while she was back at The Windy Knoll yesterday and a great visit with Mr. John. I have just bought (well I guess I should say “charged”) a new professional Nikon camera. First “real” camera I have had since I walked out of my studio in February 2007. DSC_0051-002

I promise to get back to posting again and I do have some new photos I would like to share. THANK YOU all for staying with this blog  and I hope and pray God’s blessings on you all.

Russ Austin

Russ Austin




So happy to find a new post this morning! It made my English muffin, and coffee, so much more enjoyable..Country Living is the first site I click on each morning!

It’s wonderful to know that it will continue on for as long as possible!

My warmest regards to all of you, and especially to Mr. John. I just know that he must be a real trouper.

Russ, if I may, I’d like to have your email address. I thought I saw it on here before, but I’m unable to find it, now.

God bless you all,


Russ Austin

Thank you Ms. Jan. I am going to do all I can for awhile and just see if the girls pick up and help any. It may all be short with a lot of photos but I will post something every other day or so if not every day.
Thank you so much for your comments.
God bless you

Paula Robson

Enjoyed the new post. Had check several times then didn’t for a while so was happy to see new posting.

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