Windy Knoll Visitors

We had the nicest surprise early last evening — some young neighbors visited with their two active children.  Neighbors used to do this often — but that was before television. Since we have no little people in our family  it’s good to again see how active they are.  The little 18-month old wasn’t still one minute — it would be nice to have just a little of her energy.  The seven-year old is interested in writing.  The last time she was here she wrote a story for me about a pregnant dog.  So now she has puppies.

This young couple are farmers – big time.  They have several chicken houses with laying hens and that’s a busy job.  Those eggs have to be gathered every day — Sundays, holidays and all.  In fact, they brought us some fresh eggs.  They also have cattle and they are bottle-feeding a calf.  Of course, this reminded me of a poem I learned years ago — and I just had to repeat it for them (as I’m about to do for you).  I have no idea who the author is.

The hardest thing on the farm I think
Is teaching a little new calf how to drink
You pull and tug and get his head in a pail
And he’ll stand there and twist and just wiggle his tail
And then, first thing you know
Kerplunk goes his nose
And you’ve got milk all over your clothes
Hold onto your patience,
Your teeth you must grit
If you can’t hold your temper
You might as well quit
For Mother Nature, whose methods don’t fail
Never meant for a calf to drink from a pail.




Billie & John Crumly 1945 Part of what Tom Brokaw called "The Greatest Generation"